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Frugi is a scrumptious collection of organic clothes for children.

Children get up to all sorts...paddling in the sea, climbing trees, being bug detectives in the garden, splashing through muddy puddles and so on. That's why Frugi clothes are designed to let children be children and to stand up to outdoor living.

....confident (but not loud)


Frugi  think that children's clothes should be full of beans, just like the little ones who wear them. So they always have rich and stylish colours for boys and girls alike.

...the sort of clothes that children love to wear
 Frugi's clothes are designed to make children and their parents giggle and smile. They make sure that seams are strong, fabric is forgiving and sumptuously soft and waistbands don't pinch. Hopefully this means that lots of children will choose Frugi clothes when they get dressed in the morning.

.. all made from 100% Organic cotton

Every item of Frugi clothing is made from gorgeous Organic cotton. We know that it’s not always easy to tell what a garment feels like from a photo, so go on, take the leap and make a purchase today to see for yourself! You won't be disappointed


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