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Otis the Shy Octopus - Autumn Winter 2012/2013

Otis the shy Octopus tells a story of bravery, which proves the moral that sometimes doing things that scare you makes you a happier and more confident person. Edgy gold on black fleece jerseys are the perfect Christmas gift for a cosy cool kid. The boys lumberjack shirt is a must-have and can be complimented with the fresh unisex multi-stripe items.


Every piece of clothing tells a story . . .

It is the wearer who continues the story, by the moments and adventures they have in the clothes. 'More Stories' lets the clothes tell their own story before they venture out into the world to make even more!

Each season we like to showcase up and coming illustrators and storytellers, to bring inspiration and excitement to both parent and child alike. A small storybook is a gift with each purchase.

Our clothes are fresh, fun & cool. Our trademark is our signature prints that have a unique but simple charm. We make clothes for 0-10yrs boys and girls who like to think for themselves. Our quirky colours and prints are used on easy uncomplicated super comfy garments.


A word from the designer , Catherine Moore, creator of More Stories Childrens Clothing

Story telling is an art form with many merits for all who participate. I have never lost my curiosity for the world and all the stories it has to tell us, and all the things we can learn from listening to others.

I believe that by encouraging an active imagination for children and allowing them to participate in the making of stories, it encourages not only learning, but more importantly developing their creative abilities.

Having recently returned to London after living in Stockholm for 6 years, I plan to start some ‘More Stories’ workshops with local underprivileged children to encourage this way of learning. In Sweden they also understand the importance of learning through play. There I also learnt a lot about the merits of a simplistic yet practical style, our aesthetic is quite Scandinavian with a strong quirky British edge.

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