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About mashngravy - Cool Kids Clothing Boutique

After the birth of my little girl I realised a love for all of the beautiful clothes she had received as gifts, it led me to the internet to source similar items and so I was shopping online,lots!


In between feeds and housework and all the other chores, it was a great joy to not have to leave the house and great satisfaction waiting for packages to arrive in the comfort of my own home.

It led me to thinking that perhaps I could do something with this newfound love!

I could not help being seduced by the variety of beautiful things available to purchase from around the world for my little girl which were not standard fayre on the High Street. It seemed that the chain stores were telling me that I could either dress my precious little girl the same as all the other little girls, or I could look for something that bit different! It also got me thinking about what the boys were wearing and noticed that for every 20 pieces of girls clothes there was 1 piece for boys! So unfair!

I didn't pay much attention previously to my friends children’s clothes and I soon discovered to my dismay that it was not only the lack of style options which was seriously disappointing, but also the selection of colours on offer was also incredibly poor – beige, kakhi, navy and more beige for boys and pink in every shade for girls.

Every mother believes that her child is unique and special and deserving of the best, none more so than me which is why I was determined not to be constrained by what was on offer from the unimaginative High Street stores nor did I want to resort to expensive designer labels in order to express my child’s individuality.

I took great delight in staying at home and making my purchases in comfort and having them delivered to my door and after the birth as time is so very limited, found the practice of internet shopping a stress free alternative to bundling up baby and disturbing her sleeping/eating routine and heading for the shops.

Being a new mum brings your awareness to issues on a more global scale too. Having a gorgeous little girl made me stop to think about her future and that of others in less fortunate circumstances. With the availability of impossibly inexpensive clothing for sale in supermarkets and discount chain stores I felt the need to question where these garments were coming from and who was manufacturing them.

With this in mind we have tried to select brands who act responsibly in their manufacturing process, both in the use of green technologies and in the making up of the garments.

This is why, dear shopper, I have taken all of the international brands which I love for my own child and put them in one place for your comfort and convenience.

So take a browse and enjoy the experience that is, Mashngravy!